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A complete and balanced meal every day! *

Our partner, Chartwells, a member of the Compass Group, a global leader in collective catering, serves over 2500 meals each day to our students and staff. Their team of chefs and dietitians works closely with the school administration, health services, and the Parents Commission to develop varied and balanced menus.


Our students are automatically enrolled in the meal plan, except for high school students. Registration is quarterly and is automatically renewed each quarter.

For Kindergarten and Elementary school students, see below what is included in the canteen fees:

  • A morning snack (fruits or pastries)
  • a hot meal with proteins (meat, fish, vegetarian)
  • a side dish (vegetables and starches)
  • a dessert (dairy, pastry, etc…) or a fruit

For Middle School students, here what is included in the canteen fees:

  • a dish with protein (meat, fish, vegetarian)
  • a side dish (vegetables and starches)
  • a dessert (dairy, pastry, etc…)
  • a fruit

At the Middle School, students can buy more food at the grab & go station (soup, sandwiches, granola yogurt, etc…) with an additional cost.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES with an extra cost (for secondary school students):

  • The pop-up station: snacks and drinks in the courtyard – during breaks
  • The Grab&Go station: sandwiches, soups, yogurt with granola, and other snacks – only at noon in the Middle School cafeteria
  • La Fenêtre: Takeaway street food and snacks – reserved for high school students
  • Le Petit Bistro: a cafe reserved for High School students and school staff, serving drinks, sandwiches, salads, and snacks – open all day.

For more information on monthly menus or our catering partner Chartwells, you can click here

Here are the results of the latest December 2023 survey conducted by our provider Chartwells: click here.

* Except on Fridays when only a snack is offered to Kindergarten and Primary school students.


As an alternative to the cafeteria, we offer our students the option to bring a lunchbox from home.

The choice (*) of this option applies for a minimum of one trimester. The request to change the option must be made exclusively on Eduka before the start of the next trimester: before August 31 for a change in September (first trimester), before December 31 for a change in January (second trimester), and before March 31 for a change on April 1 (third trimester).

Here is the procedure to follow on EDUKA:

  1. Go to the “Student and parent information” section.
  2. Click on the photo of the child concerned to access the student’s record.
  3. Choose the “Student” tab.
  4. Go to the bottom of the screen in the “Meal Option” section.
  5. Indicate “yes” to the question “Change the meal option for the next trimester?”
  6. Please click here to access the rules and regulations for the lunchbox. A FAQ is also available: click here.

For the implementation of a lunchbox for medical reasons, please contact our nurses (click here).

Contact us through the Parent Support Department by telephone at +65 6805 0022 or by email at [email protected] for more information.

Canteen card

The badge of your Middle School or High School child is activated for various Chartwells outlets.

You can recharge this card online here and here is a tutorial to help you.

Feel free to contact the Parent Support service by phone at (+65) or by email at [email protected] for more information.


(*): Does not apply to High School students.