International French School (IFS) Who are we? What do we do? 

Our mission:

To offer, in an international context where language teaching is valued, teaching in accordance with the programmes and standards of the French National Education System at all families, French-speaking or of other nationalities, who request it, within the limits of our capacities.

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Our status:

The laws we must respect  amongst others are:

  • Companies Act
  • Charities Act
  • Education Act
  • Private Education Act
  • Personal Data Protection Act
  • Employment Act


What are the different types of employment contracts offered at the IFS and the AEFE?

Employees working in schools under AEFE abroad network are recruited based on three types of contracts:

  • The AEFE expatriate contract,
  • The AEFE resident contract,
  • Local employment contract.

The decree No. 2002-22 of 4 January 2002 on the administrative and financial situation of staff of French educational institution abroad determines the contracts for expatriates and residents.

The so-called “locally recruited” staff sign contracts with the International French School under Singapore law (which is not subject to French law).

These types of contracts differ in:

  • the selection of candidates (centralised by the Agency (AEFE) for expatriates; local for residents (under AEFE validation) and local employment contracts,
  • the administrative position (secondment for expatriates and residents, extended leave for locally recruited civil servants),
  • The employer (AEFE for expatriates and residents, and the International French School for employees under Local contract).
  • the type of the duties performed (supervision, inspection, coordination or educational training for expatriate staff; mainly teaching and Student’s affairs for residents),
  • the duration (limited period of mission for expatriate staff),
  • salaries and allowances.

The type of contract can not be negotiated by the candidate at the time of recruitment.


Can I apply for a Resident Contract position?

Resident positions are mainly reserved for teachers from First and Second level teaching positions. In some rare cases, it might be applicable for administrative or Student’s affairs positions.

It is compulsory for the candidates to remain for at least two years on effective public service at the time they take the decision to potentially work overseas. For those who are already been working in the network of French schools abroad can apply for a new position only if they are at the end of their secondment.

To summarize, for a candidate to resident position, you must:

  • Have a French Ministry of Education degree holder
  • Have worked for at least 2 years as a French Ministry of Education status in France at the date of potentially confirming a position abroad
  • For secondment staff, applications from public servants who are not at the end of their secondment will not be considered, except for cases which are priority for the Agency.

The employer for resident contracts is the AEFE. Teachers recruited under a resident contract are on secondment.

For further explanation and characteristics of this contract (remuneration, secondment), click here.

Please note that applications must be sent online only via the IFS website.


Is it possible to obtain a resident contract if I am not living in Singapore?

Priority is given to local contract staff but depending on the number of available positions and the number of applications received, we may select external candidates.


On what date will vacant or likely to be vacant resident positions be advertised?

The list of vacant positions or likely to be vacant under a resident contract will be published on the IFS recruitment page as from 18 December 2020.


What is a local contract?

It is an employment contract under Singapore law. The employer for local contracts is the IFS. It determines the characteristics of the employment contract and the remuneration points.

The teachers holding French National Education Diploma recruited under a local contract are on extended leave.


Can I apply for a local contract position?

The teachers holding French National Education Diploma and non-certified teachers can apply for a local contract position. The required qualifications are defined in the Jobs description for all vacancies posted on the IFS recruitment page.

Applications must be sent online only via IFS website.


What is a complete iprof?

A complete iprof is the copy of iprof career with all categories listed below:

  • You are …
  • Your administrative situation
  • Service / Level / Seniority
  • Positions and Leaves
  • Terms of service
  • Administrative notes, pedagogical notes and inspection notes
  • Assignments and secondments
  • Seniority
  • Promotions


How to make sure to apply for a job in a local contract or a resident contract?

You can see the status of the employment contract of the proposed position below each job title on the IFS recruitment page and at the top of each posting (see the images below).

Local Contract 1

Local Contract


Can I apply for several job offers?

You have the possibility to apply for several positions on local contracts and / or resident contract. For that, you need to click on the job offers you are interested in and fill out the form associated with these postings.

Please note that the application form and the supportive documents to apply for a position under resident contract and a position under local contract are different.

As a reminder, the resident contract requires certification with the National Education. It allows for secondment under the AEFE. Local contract can be obtained without this certification and the contract is then subject to local law (Singapore in our case).


What is the procedure to apply for a resident contract position?

In contrary for the local contract applications, for a resident one you are required to download and complete two documents before you apply via IFS website, they are available on the AEFE web site:

You will find the said documents on the recruitment page of our website or on AEFE website at the following link: https://www.aefe.fr/rechercher-une-ressource-documentaire/campagne-de- recrutement-des-residents-2019-dossier-de


Who makes the request for a secondment in case of acceptance of residency position?

The AEFE is in charge to process the posting request.


Who makes the request for extended leave when accepting a position in a local contract?

Upon reception of the employment letter, you must request to your academy or rectorate an extended leave.


Is it necessary to send an email to confirm an acknowledgement of receipt of my application?

No, it is not necessary to confirm by email an acknowledgement of receipt of your application. All applications have to be received via the recruitment page of the IFS website (http://ifs.edu.sg/quicklinks/recrutement).

You will see a pop-up window indicating that your application has been received upon successful submission.


Do I have to send my application by post?

No, applications will only be received electronically. The candidates applying for one or more offers through our website have to complete the form associated with each job offer and submit the required supportive documents.


Can I save my application and go back to confirm it? 

It is not possible to save your application as a draft, it will be sent once you submit it, therefore you need take the time to read the entire questionnaire and provide all supportive documents , before answering the questions and submitting the application.


Can I edit my application after submission?

It is not possible to modify your application once you have answered and submit the questionnaire. In case of an error, you can reapply for the same position, fill in the same form one more time and attach the documents. Please note you need to provide the same email address so that you can be easily identified and this will avoid to receive two different applications with the same last name.


Should I re-apply if I have applied last year and in the past ?

Yes, the recruitment campaign is annual.


Do I have to apply if I am already working at the IFS?



Do all the job offers correspond to positions open for the beginning of 2021 school year?

The job postings published for the recruitment campaign are for positions that may be vacant following departures announced by teachers, or new positions: some of these open positions are confirmed, others are pending confirmation.


What are the selection criteria?

Every application is reviewed following certain criteria in particular the skills described in each job offer.

Candidates from all nationalities can apply. The conditions related to fluency in French and foreign languages are specified for each job offer.

Do note that in order to be able to apply for a position under resident contract, the eligibility conditions must be fulfilled (see question on resident contracts).


What is the recruitment process?

You will find below the agenda for the recruitment process for campaign 2021-2022:

  • Deadline for submission of applications: 13 January 2021
  • Skype interviews for pre-selected candidates under local contract: end of January / February 2021
  • Recruitment committee for candidates for a position under resident contract: end of February 2021
  • Recruitment committee for candidates for a position under local contract: end of January / February 2021
  • Job offer to the selected candidates under resident contract and under local contract (candidates have 72h to respond): Beginning of March 2021


What are the remuneration components of local contracts?

We have established a remuneration system allowing our teachers to adapt of the local cost of living based on:

    • Certification from the national education (CRPE, CAPES, CAPEPS, aggregation) or equivalence (PGCE, PHD)
    • And seniority in teaching for completed school years

Teachers’ salaries follow a specific grid based on the number of years of teaching ranging from SGD 4,650 for non-certified teachers to more than SGD 9,000

In addition to the remuneration, the IFS  provides health and welfare coverage, housing allowance could be offered to full-time teachers recruited from oversea specifically by and for the IFS and a relocation allowance under specific requirements could be provided as well.

In the same way, employees on local contracts, whose spouse does not receive school allowance (supporting documents will be requested), and whose contract is greater than or equal to 50 % and its duration is for more than one year, can benefit from the following:

    • Exemption of enrolment or re-enrolment fees
    • 15% discount on school fees (25% if the household’s income comes solely from the IFS)

Remuneration details will be announced during the recruitment process.


How much will be the school fees for my child (ren)’s enrolment?

You will find useful information about the tuition fees and enrolment procedure on: http://ifs.edu.sg/sinscrire/les-frais-de-scolarite

For IFS staff under local contract there are several benefits, certain fee exemptions (refer to question above on the remuneration components of local contracts

However, you have to consider that tuition fees will constitute a significant expense in your expatriation project.


What is the procedure to enrol my child(ren)? Is the number of places limited?

To enrol your child in the IFS you simply need to:

  1. Create an application file on Eduka, our enrolment portal, on our website (http://ifs.edu.sg/sinscrire/inscription): you will be able to download all supportive documents. Once your file is submitted, you will receive an acknowledgment receipt via email from our services.
  2. Payment of enrolment fees: Once the application is completed, the finance department will issue the enrolment fees invoice to the identified payer: either  the parents or a company.
  3. Admission committee Admission committees are held every month to review new applications. Only completed applications with enrolment fees paid within the period indicated  on the invoice will be reviewed.
  4. Confirmation of enrolment: after the reviewal of the admission committee, the placement of your child will be confirmed by email. Additional documents regarding your child’s enrollment will be sent to you.

 As we do not have capacity restrictions for now, we can accommodate all children applying in IFS. We accept children from 2 to 18 years old.


What is the standard of living cost in Singapore?

The cost of living in Singapore is higher than in other countries. We advise you to conduct some research about the cost of living before you apply.

Housing rental and school fees are significant expenses to consider as part of your expatriation project.

Useful websites to help you understand and consider your expatriation project: French Embassy in Singapore, French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, French Association of Singapore, The French House – Maison des Français de l’Etranger, Portal for practical information on Singapore, Le Bottin


Visas and work permits in Singapore?

Teacher’s positions offered under local contract grant in general an access to  work visa called “employment pass” or “EP”. This type of visa, under certain eligibility conditions, can allow the issuance of a visa for the spouse as well as for the children (Dependent Pass or Long-Term Visit Pass). More information for the visas can be found on the Singapore Government’s website http://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permits.

For IFS employees and dependents, the visa application is made by  HR department to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The visa approval and the issuance of work permits are possible only upon decision and validation from MOM.


In case of a technical problem or if you have an additional question which was not  answered from the above-provided answers, please contact us at [email protected]