Door to door bus service is available for students, except for the 5:15pm return trip from 4ème (grade 8) onwards.

School Buses

Every day hundreds of buses carry students from all over Singapore to the International French School (Singapore).

It is not the role of IFS to ensure transport for its students.

  • However the school facilitates access to transport through a framework agreement with an external provider, currently Woodlands Transport Solutions Pte Ltd (WT).
  • The transport service provider has been appointed following a tender procedure.
  • The school publishes a School Bus Handbook every year, which contains useful information including the rules regarding the transport of students (refer to the documents to download at the bottom of the page).
Enrolment for the 2019-2020 School Year

  • For registration of bus transport in course of the school year, a 2-week notice is required before the start of the service (or change of address)
  • No payment at the time of registration
  • For any questions, please contact the Transport office at +65 6805 0053 or +65 6805 0057 or by email at [email protected]

Shuttle bus of 5:15pm

For 4e & 3e (Grade 8 and 9) students and High School students

  • Fill out the “Shuttle Request Form” directly by clicking here or by filling out the form in the documents to download (see below) and sending it to the Transport office ([email protected]).

The bus service of 5:15pm covers about a hundred predetermined stops all over Singapore.
You can download the shuttle bus form and the list of the stops at the bottom of the page.

“Cross Transfer”

For Middle and High School students

Middle and High School students who regularly finish (every week) before the official end of classes can have a seat in the buses that leave earlier provided they obtain prior authorisation from the Transport office. This additional service is organised a few weeks after the start of the school year, and is subject to the availability of seats. A notification is sent to the parents before the start of the service.

  • The cancellation of a class is not a ground for early release
  • The “cross transfer” is not guaranteed all year long. Even after it is granted, it can be modified during the school year depending on new arrivals or relocation of younger students who have priority in the buses

Safety on board the buses

IFS, in coordination with WT, takes the necessary measures to ensure that both the rules of good behaviour and safety rules are respected.

All these rules and instructions are detailed in the School Transport Booklet.

To ensure better safety control and make sure that safety rules are complied with, WT installed CCTV cameras on board the buses. The use of the footage is strictly for security and disciplinary purposes. Their storage cannot exceed 2 weeks, except for specific cases (pending disciplinary proceeding for example), in accordance with the PDP Act.


Transport office

Email : [email protected]

Tel : +65 6805 0053 or +65 6805 0057

IFS Transport Manager

Email : [email protected]

Tel: +65 6805 0052


Public transport

The city buses and the MRT are convenient and offer the advantage of being very affordable.

The International French School (Singapore) can be accessed with the following buses: 25, 55, 73, 74, 76, 132, 165.

The closest MRT station from the school is Ang Mo Kio, which is about 10 to 15 min by bus (buses 25, 73, 74, 76, 132 or 165).