School Rules (Hours, Late Arrivals and Absences)

It is important to communicate all absences as soon as possible.

Primary (Kindergarten and Elementary)

School Hours *

School Opening of doors
Monday to Thursday 8:35 am to 3:25 pm 8:25 am and 3:25 pm
Friday 8:35 am to 12:15 pm 8:25 am and 12:10 pm

* As a safety measure related to COVID-19, dismissal time will be staggered: 3:15 pm for CE2, CM1 and CM2 and 3:25 pm for CP and CE1. Please consult our COVID-19 FAQ page for more information.


  • When the parents are absent from Singapore, please fill out the Parents’ Absence form and send it to the school secretary. This release form is important for the Singaporean authorities. A legal guardian must be designated to be authorised to make decisions in case of emergency.


Kindergarten Lower Elementary
CP, CE1 & CE2
Upper Elementary
CM1 & CM2
Principal Mr. Jerôme Bel Ms. Jennifer Bonjour Ms. Agathe Blandin
Secrétariat Ms. Nathalie Manfroy Ms. Inès Alves Ms. Lucie Piron
Email secmat@ifs.edu.sg secele2@ifs.edu.sg secele@ifs.edu.sg
Telephone +65 6805 0085 +65 6805 0037 +65 6805 0076



School Hours
Middle School students: 6e & 5e 7:50 am to 4:05 pm
Middle School students: 4e & 3e 7:50 am to 5:05 pm
High School students 7:50 am to 5:05 pm
Absences & Tardiness

Absences and late arrivals must be justified.

  • An email should be sent to the Vie Scolaire at :lst-viescolaire@ifs.edu.sg
  • Upon return of the student, the yellow coupon of the school booklet must be duly completed and given to the Vie Scolaire.

Any absence due to personal convenience will be considered unexcused.

Request for early release

For all requests for early release, the student’s legal guardian must indicate in the communication book’s yellow pages the date, time and reason or a signed note. The letter of release form (at the bottom of the page) must be used as a matter of urgency and exceptionally for compelling reasons and must be sent to the Vie Scolaire.

Attention : There will be no make-up in case of absence from examinations or mock examinations.
Vice Principals Mr. Grégory Bailleul (Collège – Middle School)
Mr. Bruno Ollivier (Lycée – High School)
Secrétariat Ms. Sandrine Laurent
Ms. Sandra Parfait
Email secadjoint@ifs.edu.sg
Middle School: 6805 0068

High School : 6805 0100

La Vie Scolaire
Classes of 2e, 1e and Terminale
(High School)
Classes of 6e and 3e
(grades 6 and 9)
Classes of 5e and 4e
(grades 7 and 8)
Year Heads Ms. Nafissa Zbairi Ms. Marie Cuvé Mr. Julien Lazorthes
Email cpe@ifs.edu.sg cpe2@ifs.edu.sg cpe3@ifs.edu.sg
Telephone +65 6805 0005 +65 6805 0070 +65 6805 0107