Back to school | School Year 2022-23

You can find various resources to help begin your back-to-school preparations for 2022-23 below:

You will find the schedule for the parent information meetings for Kindergarten, Elementary School, and Secondary School.

The 2022 – 2023 academic calendar can be viewed here and is available for download.

Réunions d’information SCHOOL HOURS (SEPTEMBER)

Click here to view the detailed school hours of September 1st, 2022.

Schoolsupplies SCHOOL SUPPLIES
The school loans all the textbooks for the school year from CP to Terminale (grades 1 to 12) as well as all the school materials for Maternelle (Kindergarten).
 All the exercise books and monitored readings will be provided free of charge by IFS and will be distributed at the beginning of the school year.
(click here to view the list of the school supplies from 2022-23).

Find here for details regarding Kindergarten (K1 & K2) and Elementary (Grade 1 to 5), and here for Secondary (Grade 6 to 12) 

School transport services is available for students from Petite Section to Terminale. Families who wish to avail of the school bus services should use the online registration service to register their children.

Restauration Rouge CANTEEN
IFS offers a school catering service for all children, with 3 canteens – Maternelle (Kindergarten), Élémentaire (Elementary), and Collège (Middle school) – and a cafeteria along with a café for the lycéens (high school students). You can also opt for the Lunch Box. NEW: the process for changing the lunch option has changed and is now exclusively done via Eduka.  Please consult the practical information in the Canteen page

Uniforme UNIFORM
Uniforms are compulsory for Kindergarten and Elementary school students, with the latter requiring sports attire for PE as well. For Secondary school students, the sports attire and a school polo for school trips and excursions are required.
 Note : The school cap and sports shorts are compulsory for Elementary and Secondary school students, but NOT for Kindergarten students.
A big sale of second-hand uniforms by our Humanitarian Group will take place on 30th August and 1st September.


IFS is installing security turnstiles at our AMK 3000 campus as part of the ongoing improvements to the safety measures at school.

The first phase of infrastructure building works was completed at various entrances during the summer holiday. The next phase will be the installation of the new turnstiles which will take place during the October school break.

To hide and secure the cables, we have installed fragile temporary bollards. Please be vigilant and careful not to hit the temporary bollards while using these accesses.