Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of 12 elected members and 4 reserve members from each group: Individual members and Corporate members.

Please note :

  • The French Ambassador in Singapore and Pierre Chanteclair are honorary Presidents of the Executive Committee
  • The Counsellor for Culture Science and Education (COCAC) is a non-voting member
  • The Principal and the Executive Director may attend the Executive Committee meetings non-voting guests.

Presentation of the members of the Executive Committee

Mr Eric REINHART Treasurer
Mr Christophe CHAU
Ms. Fatima REGILI
Mr Guillaume SACHET
Mr Guilhem VINCENS
Ms. Nathalie RISTEAU
Ms. Cécile PIERDET (Reserve)
Ms. Samantha THASSIM (Reserve)
Mr Jean-Marc DEROMEDI (APRIM)  President
Mr Antoine DE VOS (Bolloré) Supervisor
Mr Nicolas GENÈS (Société Générale) General Secretary 
Mr Damien ORDINES (Hermès)
Mr Pierre-Alexandre TUPINON (Danone)
Mr Ludovic MATHÉ (CA-CIB)
Ms. Laëtitia VALENÇON (TotalEnergies) (Reserve)
Ms. Léocadie THUILLIER (Natixis) (Reserve)

Who appoints the members of the Executive Committee?

The members are elected by the General Meeting held each year in October or November.

How to become a member of the Executive Committee?
  1. Reply to the call for candidature which is sent by the International French School (Singapore) before the autumn General Meeting. The number of available seats varies every year.
  2. Attach a picture and profession of faith to your candidature, which will be sent to all the parents and the corporate representatives.

➔ Your application will be put to the vote at the General Meeting.

The Committees of the Executive Committee

Committees Approached topics
Governance & Audit


  • Convention with the AEFE
  • M&AA
  • Executive compensation
  • Executive Committee succession planning


  • Compliance review
  • Internal and external Audits


  • Budget including school fees
  • Financial decisions
  • Fundraising
  • Treasury and funding
  • Financial KPIs
  • Statutory Annual Accounts

Human Resources

  • HR Policies
  • Social dialogue
  • Compensation policy


  • Infrastructure projects
  • Yearly Investment programs
Services & Resources
  • School philosophy
  • Digital strategy
  • Bilingualism
Community Experience at IFS
  • Well-being
  • Support for students