GIRO Procedure

GIRO (General Interbank Recurring Order) is a direct debit payment method. It has many advantages: No need to think of the due date, sending a cheque or having to log in to your internet bank. It is a more secure means of payment.

GIRO (Direct debit Authorization) is compulsory for ECA registration

Parents interested in registering their children for Extra-Curricular Activities must submit a GIRO form to the Finance Department in accordance with the school’s ECA registration procedure. Once the signed form is returned, the family will be eligible for ECA registration via the Eduka portal. This decision of the Executive Council aims to facilitate administrative processing and cope with the volume of transactions. In the absence of GIRO, access to the activity registration module via the Eduka portal will not be granted.

For parents registering their children for ECAs for the first time, the absence of the GIRO form will not prevent access to registration but the form must be submitted to the Financial Department no later than 1 month after activities kick-off.

As GIRO is mandatory for the payment of your ECA invoices, invoices are issued exclusively to the parent’s name . If you receive financial assistance from your employer for these fees, please contact your company directly for any reimbursement.

For those who are looking for an easy and convenient payment mode, it is possible to set up a GIRO payment for all your bills. If you choose the option “All fees billed to you payable by GIRO” , ALL the bills raised under your name will be paid by Direct Debit deduction on the due date. In case of companies subsidizing school fees and/or canteen fees, kindly take note that the related invoices will be issued directly under the company’s name, and therefore, are excluded from the DDA scope.

GIRO Fee Category Corresponding choice in Eduka
Compulsory Primary activities (ECA) AES/AS only
Optional Tuition fees including all school related yearly fees:

  • Re-enrolment
  • Anglais + / International section
  • French Passerelle

Canteen fees

ECA related school trips

Modules to prepare for higher education entrance examinations, interviews, etc

MUN conference

AVS (School Aids)

All fees billed to you payable by GIRO
Out of scope First time registration fees

School fee advance (SFA)

The GIRO arrangement takes at most 21 working days to be effected. The IFS Finance team will inform you when your GIRO arrangement has been approved by bank. Your GIRO is available on Eduka and updated on a weekly basis, based on the information provided by your bank.

Link to Eduka Portal.

A confirmation email is consistently sent to parents/companies at least 4 days before the scheduled date.

Your GIRO arrangement will be available by default during the entire period your child(ren) are enrolled at IFS. If your child(ren) is(are) leaving the school, you may terminate the arrangement directly with your bank.

GIRO applications can be rejected if the information indicated on the GIRO form is incorrect (such as a wrong account number), or in cases of manual amendments, cross-out, etc. The Finance team will contact you for a new GIRO form if the initial application is rejected and a new request is necessary.

The process is the same if you change banks.

Guardians who are linked to 2 different family accounts (in the case of blended families) must identify the family account on which they wish to set up the GIRO arrangement, on condition that they are identified as a payer. Due to technical reasons, it will not be possible for a payer to have the same GIRO arrangement under 2 different family accounts. Kindly contact the Finance team if you have any questions.