Change of payer

Parents and companies can access their invoices and financial data on the EDUKA portal at any time.

Being the « payer » at the International French School (Singapore), what does it imply?

  • The invoices are issued and sent in the name of the payer (one email address only)
  • The payer is legally responsible for the debt and payments must be made by the identified payer.
  • School fees advance (SFA) is paid by the payer who become the “owner” of it. When the student leaves the school, the SFA is refunded to the payer.

To review the payer set up, parents and companies can log in to their EDUKA portal > Billing > fee students.

Change of payer

If you wish to change the payer, you should return the “Change of Payer” form at least 2 weeks before invoice issuance. Otherwise, the change of payer shall become effective from the following term. The form can be  downloaded at the bottom of the page.


For any questions do not hesitate to contact the Finance Department.

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +65 6805 0130