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How to register your child(ren)?

You can email : aes@ifs.edu.sg.

Useful information

  • Schedule and fees for annual activities and the first semester of 2021-2022 (will be available end of August 2021)
    • Activities Planning
    • Calendar
    • Internal rules
      • The description of all ECAs is available on your Eduka portal
      • Registration for Semester 2 is closed. ECAs will resume on Monday, 13 February 2023.
      • 2022-2023 ECA Calendar
      • Internal regulations for ECA for 2022-2023
      • Fees and payment: Access to the registration portal can only be granted upon setting up an automatic debit (GIRO) except for new parents who benefit from an additional period. Please consult the “GIRO procedure” page for more information.
        Once registration is confirmed, you may not cancel the activity or request a refund (except in exceptional cases, refer to our rules and regulations).
        The Finance Department is here to answer all of your questions: [email protected].
       Transport after Kindergarten and Elementary ECAs

      Note: Price not included in the ECA or in the school bus fees.

      Woodlands Transport, the service provider selected by IFS, proposes a return bus service after ECAs with centralised drop-off points, better adapted to the rhythm of the extracurricular activities (with different children present each day of the week). This bus service operates from Monday to Friday (for the 2 Friday sessions). There is no bus service on Saturday morning.

      You will find all the necessary information (list of drop-off points, rates etc…) on the IFS transport page.

    Our audience

    The ECAs are for students of International French School (Singapore), from Moyenne Section (MS) to CM2.

    Our objective

    ECAs complement classroom instruction and allow students to access education through sports, the arts and culture while developing their team spirit. The ECA offers, within the school grounds, around sixty activities supervised by experienced coaches, in French or in English.

    • Sport, cultural or artistic activities. Each student can register for two activities per period, subject to availability. Registrations are subject to a first come, first served basis.
    • Language workshops: To support our multilingual students, we offer language workshops aimed to strengthen the command of the languages ​​to which they are exposed to. Beginner workshops are open to everyone and are bi-annual (Mandarin). The mother tongue workshops are reserved for native speakers or children who have sufficient language skills in the chosen language (Italian, Spanish, Mandarin or Korean). These are annual workshops.

    IFS also offers free educational workshops : choir, pop rock band and Primary Model United Nations (PMUN).

    Do not hesitate to contact us for more information

    ECA email : [email protected]
    ECA Kindergarten & Elementary : +65 6805 0034
    ECA Manager : +65 6805 0033