From the 2019-2020 school year, students of Terminale and Première are offered 8 modules to prepare entrance exams in the IEP, business schools and engineering just after the baccalaureate. Only certain modules are available to students of Première, all are available to students of Terminale.

Preparing For Higher Education 2019-2020

Modules can be cumulated insofar as they are not held at the same time: we consider that those preparing for the Sesame competitive exam do not prepare for the entry examination to engineering schools at the same time. However, some modules are complementary. The transversal module “News decryption” should thus interest students who aspire to enter Sciences-Po (Paris or regional IEP), but also business or engineering schools, which expect candidates who are curious and open to the world around them.

Regarding the calendar’s logical planning: we have scheduled many sessions in the first half of the year in order to make students of Terminale aware of the urgency of thinking of their orientation project, and to allow them the necessary time to be completely focused on the baccalaureate thereafter. We have spread the preparation sessions for IEP competitive exam over the course of the year, but we preferred to concentrate the preparation sessions for the Geipi / Avenir / Puissance Alpha and Sesame competitive exams in the month preceding the competitive exams in order to give students time to decide whether or not to go for these, and to put students in the assessment mood so that they feel involved in their preparation. The modules are never made out of too many sessions so as not to overload an already busy school schedule. After registration, students will be required to complete the course, and attendance will be mandatory.

These trainings are provided by IFS teachers or by external speakers who are specialists of the corresponding subjects and take place on Saturday mornings, or during the week, after class (5-7pm or 6-8pm). The dates given below may be subject to change on an exceptional basis: in such a case, enrolled students would be notified via various channels, but in particular via their IFS mailbox.


A Registration Form is to be completed on the EDUKA parent portal before as soon as possible except for preparation modules for the competitive entry exams for Sesame business school and the Geipi / Puissance Alpha / Avenir engineering school. The registration for these modules will only start at the end of January, in order to allow students time to consider them. If you have difficulty registering, contact Ms. Delannoy who can do it for you.

 Receiving a registration confirmation email will mean that you have committed. The withdrawal from a module is only possible by email ([email protected]) up to 48 hours before the first session. No withdrawal will be possible after this.

Financial participation is requested and indicated for each module. An invoice will be sent after the start of the session in which your child is registered. Scholarship students can, on request, receive a fee exemption.

Modules Description

For more information on the modules, please refer to the tabs below.

6 training sessions, 3 oral simulations.


This preparation is for students wishing to enter the collège universitaire de Sciences-Po Paris through the international procedure to which IFS students have access. They can apply for one of the 7 campuses of the collège universitaire, but the Asia campus is located in Le Havre (see http://college.sciences-po.fr/). This module consists of an oral presentation session that they will have to take if their file is retained by Sciences-Po, 6 preparation sessions and three oral simulations in English with 2 interviewers.

Note : We recommend that students enrol in this module only if their grade averages in première exceed 15/20 in both dissertation and English. The probability of eligibility with a lower grade average for either of these is very low.

4 sessions.

The preparation for these entrance examinations [SL1] allowing access to post-baccalaureate engineering schools will be composed of 2 mathematics sessions and 2 physics-chemistry sessions that will take place in April. The purpose of these sessions will be to familiarise students with the types of questions asked in the competitive exam, and to make them adopt an effective and rewarding method.

Note : Registration for this module is not equivalent to registration for the competitive exam. Registration is something that you have to do yourself.

5 sessions


This competitive exam allows you to join 14 of the leading post-baccalaureate business schools. 

Analysis-Synthesis: It consists in working on the methodology of the analysis-synthesis of documents which requires specific skills, since you need to synthesize the contents of about forty pages in 3h… Students are first introduced to the approach for this exercise, then they practice writing a synthesis, after which they go through the mistakes they made with the trainer.

Digital logic: These sessions will make you aware of the expectations of this paper and become familiar with the exercises for the best results.

English: to become familiar with the type of test to be taken during the competitive exam.

Registration for this module is not equivalent to registration for the competitive exam, which is something that you have to do yourself.

The competitive exam will take place on the 8th of April 2020. The IFS is an examination centre.

8 sessions.

This module is for students in Première and Terminale who want to better understand the news by bringing together history, geography, geopolitical analysis and economics, and this way better position themselves in the world around them. We will focus on conflicts, global power struggles, but also on current economic issues. This module should encourage students to be more attentive to news and to read newspapers, by giving them the keys of understanding they were missing. Most schools / universities expect their future students to be curious, open to the world, and they often check it during admission interviews. It is therefore essential, both for personal purposes and to meet the expectations of these institutions, to be attentive to current affairs. External speakers may be asked join to shed some expert light on certain issues.

3 training sessions, 1 interview simulation.

This module is intended for students in Terminale and Première who know that they will have to undergo the interview test to enter the school of their choice, or who would like to improve their ability to react during interviews and to get a better direction in terms of their orientation project by confronting themselves to questions about their motivations and the coherence of their choices. All students should follow this very informative exercise that requires personal preparation to achieve better self-knowledge. The first training session will present the principles of an interview,  in the second session students will be put in small groups, before doing their simulation interview before the jury.

9 sessions and a mock written exam.


This module prepares students for the papers in history, general knowledge (contemporary questions) and English of the group competitive exam to integrate one of the 7 “regional” IEP (Lyon, Lille, Aix, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Rennes and Saint-Germain-en-Laye). 1200 places across all institute are available in 1st year, as the outcome of this competition. It is a difficult competitive exam, since the best students take it, and so you have to ensure that you are well prepared. It is possible to take it on Saturday 25 May 2019, in Bangkok. Those wishing to join Sciences-Po Bordeaux may also follow this module, but it is only possible to take the exam in Bordeaux itself.

Note : Registration for this module is not equivalent to registration for the competitive exam.

Per session

It is about accompanying high school students in Terminale on an ad hoc basis, in facing the difficulties that they experience in their student “profession”. The sessions enable them to complete their subject knowledge by helping them to develop on a personal level and to transforming obstacles into resources.

When faced with doubts, loss of confidence, lack of self-esteem, fears, lack of general organisation, too much pressure, difficulties to make orientation choices, demotivation, students need to be given direction. Often, 4 sessions can unblock “problem” situations. The procedure is an individual and personal, it is up to the student to make this choice and to be in touch directly with Ms. Chomienne.