Conclusions on the gastroenteritis incident in April 2021

We want to update you on the recent incident of gastroenteritis symptoms in April 2021. IFS mentioned in our last communication that the authorities (Ministry of Health and Singapore Food Agency) conducted an on-site inspection and have now sent us an official note to inform us that the case is closed.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) updated us that the investigations conducted solely for public health reasons summarised that MOH could not determine the aetiology of the outbreak. The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) also commented that Chartwells satisfactorily maintained the general cleanliness of the kitchens.

The various screening results were negative for foodborne pathogens. There were also no significant microbiological findings from the food samples and swabs collected.
The health and safety of students and staff remain our utmost priority, and we continue to work closely with our service provider, Chartwells, for continuous improvement.