Class 2019 Passed Baccalaureat with Flying Colours

Thursday, 04 July 2019

Once again, the International French School (Singapore) graduates clinched 100% success rate in French baccalauréat.

After making the most of their final year in IFS preparing for #baccalaureat, 134 Terminale students sat the bac examinations last June and passed with flying colours.

46% earned the mention très bien (high distinction)

30% earned the mention bien (distinction)

16% earned the mention assez bien (credit)

Very happy with the results, IFS Principal Mr. Christian Soulard said, “Class 2019 has lived up to the high standards set by previous generations of IFS students. I am very proud of their results and the opportunities they have for further study.”

Today, each one is thrilled about the road ahead full of opportunities. Armed with the French baccalauréat diploma, the future is bright for IFS graduates with their admission to universities in France, UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Singapore to pursue their studies in the field of Business Administration, Engineering, Medicine, Architecture, Literature, Fine Arts, Aeronautics, Astronomy to name a few.

“They are brilliant and deserving students who, through their hard work and achievements, contribute to maintaining the reputation of excellence of the lycée. To the 2019 class, congratulations!” Mr. Soulard added.

“The French School offered me the chance to study abroad.” said IFS graduate Ms. Carla Mercier. “Before IFS, I did not even consider it but IFS changed my point of view and I realized the opportunity it could give me. Therefore, I am going to study in the UK and will take BSc in Physics at Imperial College London.”

Another IFS alumna, Ms. Elise Cognard said “IFS enables me to pursue my studies in literature, philosophy and language without making a harsh decision for my studies. Furthermore, I can continue to enjoy acting in theatre classes without studying in a drama school. Indeed, I can choose the drama option in my preparatory classes, especially since Lyon is a very active city theatre-wise.” Ms. Cognard is excited to follow her dreams in Hypokhâgne in Lycée Edouard Herriot in Lyon, France.

Congratulations and best wishes!