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Students of the artistic practice workshop, Atelier Théâtre 2nde, will present excerpts from Matéi Visniec’s play, “Migraaaants”. This is a play that deals with the issue of migration in a strong and powerful way.

Ifs Migraaaants Poster Eng


A devastatingly funny play about the tragedy of exile
In today’s globalised world, we are all migrants… But do we have the wisdom to understand our new identity? Do we have the intelligence to imagine a new model of society so that life becomes livable for all? And above all, will we find the means to impose global peace and a universal rule of law so that migration does not lead to new violence and inhuman withdrawal?

The performances will take place:
Friday, 10th June at 8 pm and Saturday, 11th June at 7 pm
at the IFS amphitheatre 3000.

Reservation of seats HERE (free)

Recommended to 10- to 11-year-olds and above.

Please note that in case of a fully booked event, only registered persons will be allowed in the amphitheatre.

 Safe entry will be implemented at the entrance to check the vaccination status of spectators. Only vaccinated people may enter the venue.