At IFS, we believe we exist to equip our students with the skills and knowledge to excel in all their personal and academic endeavours in an ever-changing world. Parents play an ever-increasingly important role in the upbringing and education of children. As such, at IFS parent involvement in the educational journey of our students is seen as a critical component to creating a conducive and engaging learning environment.

At IFS, we have found that parent involvement in the school brings out the best in our students. They have better self-esteem, are more self-disciplined, show positive attitudes, and exhibit higher aspirations and motivation towards their academic goals.

Parents can involve themselves in IFS through active participation in the Parent Committee, (Commission Parents) and as Class Representatives, (Délégués de Classes). Holding these roles within the school closes a vital gap and creates an all-important dialogue between family and school.

Elected each year by the parent community, the Parent Committee is made up of 12 members representing the school from Maternelle (Kindergarten) to Lycee (High School).

The Parent Committee is an essential platform for parent representatives to bring new perspectives to the school and help form positive links between the classroom teacher and other parents.

    Core responsibilities include:

  • Representing the parent community enrolled in IFS
  • Collecting information and acting as a relay between school leadership and parents
  • Coordinating the actions of parent class representatives
  • Managing regular or ad hoc projects, (book fair, school celebration day – “fête de l’école”, etc…)
  • Take part in discussions on pedagogical decisions of the school
  • Participate in the monthly meeting with the pedagogical leadership
  • Financially support families in need, recipients of scholarships with the proceeds from the fête de l’école

Becoming a class representative is an excellent way for new families to Singapore and the school to quickly integrated themselves into the IFS community.

A critical link between the parent community and the school, we encourage parents to become active participants in not only their children’s education but also in the broader operations of this school. And we are always looking for new perspectives and ideas to make IFS the best learning experience possible for our students.

    Core responsibilities include:

  • Organise start of school meetings for the class representatives
  • Participation on the Primary School Committees and secondary quarterly class councils
  • Provide support for parents in case of problems in their classes
  • Participation on the Educational Committee
  • Help and advise IFS families on class and school issues