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What are your best memories of your time at LFS/IFS ?

The unforgettable moments I remember are the graduation ceremony and the last day of classes, not forgetting, of course, the results of the baccalaureate.

Was there anyone at LFS/IFS who particularly marked, inspired or motivated you ?

My history-geography teacher motivated me enormously.

He accompanied me and supported me in my orientation project.

How did LFS/IFS prepare you for higher education and career choices ?

The school’s rigour, organisation, and quality learning opportunities allow rapid immersion into higher education.

In addition, many optional courses are provided to accompany professional projects (sesame prep, iep prep).

This is very useful.

What studies did you pursue after graduating from LFS/IFS ?

I entered business school: EDHEC Business School.

What was your most outstanding achievement at LFS/IFS ?

The impressive IFS victory at the Asian Football Cup in Bangkok!

What advice would you give to current IFS students ?

You are lucky to be at IFS. Make the most of every day.

Get involved in your work because nowis the time to make a difference!