What are your best memories of your time at LFS/IFS ?

I remember the superb sports facilities and the physics and chemistry laboratories, in which I spent excellent moments of learning and surpassing myself.

Has anyone at LFS/IFS notably marked, inspired or motivated you ?

Very much so! My physics teacher and my math teacher in the 11th and 12th grades passed on their passion for science to me.

My PE teacher and touch rugby coach helped me develop and introduced me to this incredible sport.

How did LFS/IFS prepare you for university and your career choices ?

IFS prepared me by helping me to choose the S stream (Bac S because of my great interest in math, physics and chemistry).

Then provided me with the knowledge and work methods necessary to enter the math sup/spé preparatory class and the École Centrale Paris afterwards.

Where do you work today ? What is your role ? In which country ?

I work in finance in a multinational consumer goods company (Procter and Gamble) at their European headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

I am in charge of financial planning for the global beauty division.

What advice would you give to current IFS students ?

Take advantage of all the extracurricular activities and facilities that the school offers.

It is a privilege and just as rich in learning as the “standard” school curriculum.