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What are your best memories of your time at LFS/IFS ?

I have terrific memories of all the events organised by the school, especially the inter-school sports competitions in Asia. And above all, my Terminale year, it was, for me, the best year of study at LFS.

Did someone at LFS/IFS make a particular impression on you, inspire or motivate you ?

My physics chemistry teacher inspired and motivated me tremendously.

Three consecutive years of physics with this passionate teacher made me love this subject.

How did LFS/IFS prepare you for university and your career choices ?

Thanks to the high standards and quality of teaching at LFS, I was able to obtain the necessary foundations to enter a preparatory class, which then allowed me to go to an engineering school that corresponds perfectly to me.

What studies did you pursue after graduating from LFS/IFS ?

I entered a Physics and Technology preparatory class in Versailles (Lycée Jules Ferry).

After two years of intensive work, I joined Arts et Métiers (Metz campus).

For my 3rd year of engineering school, I decided to go to Cranfield in England to do a Master of Science in Advanced Mechanical Engineering for one year.

I still have six months to go, and then I will enter the job market.

What advice would you give to current IFS students ?

Don’t neglect your studies even if it’s “only” high school, and especially don’t neglect English.

It is a real chance to study in an English-speaking country, and it should be seen as an opportunity to improve and perfect your English.

I would not be doing as well today if I had not had this experience.