What are your best memories of your time at LFS/IFS ?

One of my favourite memories is the cultural diversity among the students, teachers and staff.

The quality of the new facilities when we arrived at Ang Mo Kio after Bukit Tinggi also impressed me a lot.

Finally, I will not forget the excellent atmosphere andthe small class sizes ideal for quality learning.

How did LFS/IFS prepare you for your higher education and career choices ?

LFS has excellent teachers, very present and attentive, who helped me in my choices anduniversity decisions.

What studies did you pursue after graduating from LFS/IFS ?

I followed a preparatory class S for business school. Then I joined ESSEC after these two years of preparatory class.

What was your most outstanding achievement at LFS/IFS ?

My encounter with the women’s soccer team against other high schools in Singapore is a very good memory.

What advice would you give to current IFS students ?

Take advantage of the study environment and infrastructure at IFS.

Take advantage of being here tomeet other high schools (international or local).

Afterwards, you realize how lucky you were to have studied in such a good school and under such good conditions.