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Is there anyone at LFS/IFS who has made a particular impression on you, inspired you, or motivated you ?

My SES (economic and social sciences) teacher stood out for her pedagogy and kindness.

My history and geography teacher, who devoted much time to preparing for Sciences Po to get the best out of us, also helped me a lot. As for my Spanish teacher, she passed on to me her love of Hispanic culture,which I still have today. Some of these teachers are still teaching at IFS, and I can only thank them for enriching my life.

What studies did you pursue after graduating from LFS/IFS ?

I entered Sciences Po after IFS and then the University of British Columbia. I am now studying public health policy.

What was your most outstanding achievement at LFS/IFS ?

I am thrilled and proud to have obtained an 18 in my mathematics baccalaureate after having had great difficulties in this subject for years.

It was also very important for me to have been a member of the CVL, a class delegate, and pushed for actions that seemed essential to me (organising a “Walk a mile in her shoes” to raise awareness about domestic violence…).

What advice would you give to current IFS students ?

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn English and become truly bilingual or even trilingual, thanks to the quality language courses offered at IFS.